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reduce, reuse, recycle

We have worked hard to create an eyewear brand that not only reduces the environmental impact usually associated with the manufacturing of eyewear, but which is also aesthetically awesome! As you will see when browsing our collection, fashion forward designs, trending colours and high quality finishes, are all equally achievable with our eco-friendly materials as they are with regular eyewear materials!

All our frames are made from durable, eco-friendly materials

biodegradable plastic

Biodegradable plastics take far less time to decompose than conventional plastics, meaning that if they are discarded rather than recycled, they break down and return to nature much quicker.  This causes a reduced level of landfill waste.

Of course you can recycle this material too; it breaks down quicker so it can be recycled using less energy and reused more efficiently! Better still, this plastic requires less than half the energy to produce than its non-biodegradable counterparts.

This material is also non-toxic and made from biomass, a completely renewable resource.

plant-based acetate


Sustainable, ethical, fashionable.  This new kind of cellulose acetate product, using a more eco-friendly plasticizer deriving from natural sources (comprised mainly of wood and cotton), which reduce the pollution during the material’s whole lifecycle.


Cutting this material by hand ensures we avoid the use of pre-set routing and heat-forming/embedding machines, commonplace in the manufacturing of regular eyewear, thereby decreasing our carbon footprint.


Stronger and more durable than conventional acetate sheets, this material is also hypoallergenic and more mould-, shrink- and UV-resistant!

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